Taylor Rogers

by Frank Gargano

For Taylor Rogers, a 21 year-old African American, small town life was the norm. Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, she is an only child from an area she affectionately calls the “stereotypical bible belt.” However, one gift from her parents opened her eyes to the world outside of Chattanooga. 

Taylor was content with living in Chattanooga. She went to catholic school, lived in a catholic neighborhood, and lived a simple life. For one birthday, she wanted something a kid might normally ask for. Taylor wanted a Barbie doll house. But to her surprise, come her birthday, no Barbie house was to be found. Instead, her parents bought tickets for a trip to London. Initially, she was apprehensive. She didn’t want to expand her horizons. She liked small town life and didn’t know much else. But at the end of her vacation in London, her perspective was changed and she was happier for it.

Ever since then, she has wanted to travel the world. So it’s no surprise that when she arrived at NYU, she looked into different options for her to study abroad. Taylor has studied abroad in London, Florence, and Abu Dhabi while at NYU. She affectionately describes her experiences abroad and in the journalism program as a major at NYU as “nothing but great.”

Taylor’s current focus of writing details the intersection of politics and religion. Her love of reading was her driving force to get into journalism, while her background as a person of faith led her to focus on religion as an influence of politics. “As a person of faith myself, I find it incredibly striking how much faith impacts our government,” said Taylor. “One group’s personal beliefs can radically impacts the entire population without the majority of us truly realizing it, and I think it’s something that doesn’t get talked about enough.” After observing what Yahoo Finance does at her last internship, she had begun to venture into business journalism.

Her first introduction to the Dow Jones was through a high school program she did. For the DJNF Business Reporting internship, she said it was “kind of an emotional rollercoaster.” She was in London at the time when the News Fund called her on her “American” phone, so the call didn’t go through. Taylor played phone tag with the News Fund for most of December until the two finally connected and she formally accepted the offer. Nevertheless, it was a little bit stressful.

Now, a junior at NYU, Taylor is redefining what she is looking for in her future choice of publication. At the moment she is “obsessed with the idea of staying in New York long term and working somewhere with a small team.” She wants the freedom to pursue long term projects of her choosing. 

Taylor is excelling in the journalism program at NYU. She has worked internships as a news and politics intern at Yahoo News, district office intern for Congressman Jerrold Nadler, and currently as a Dow Jones News Fund Business Reporting intern at TheStreet. Her professors echo the sentiment. Vivien Orbach-Smith, an adjunct professor at NYU, said “what really impressed me about her[Taylor] was her passion and determination to tell important stories that can make a difference in the way people see the world and each other.”