Nishant Mohan

By Andrea Miller

The secret to writing is to write. 

Nishant Mohan is doing just that. This twenty-year-old journalism student from Boise, Idaho has been studying journalism at the University of Idaho. However, his passion this time around has taken him to Japan, where he has spent the last nine days as a reporting fellow.  He was one of nine students selected from across the country to attend as a part of the 2017 Roy W. Howard National Collegiate Reporting Competition. Of course, this is not where Mohan started his journey. He’s had experiences working with the Idaho-Press Tribune, Argonaut, Idaho Reports, and Idaho Public Radio. That’s a newspaper, a radio station, and a news broadcast. It’s no wonder that Mohan has now found himself admiring the city of Tokyo amongst likeminded journalists selected for the same reason that he had been. This nine-day adventure is still just the beginning. Mohan will be spending his summer in New York City, which is quite often thought of as the mecca of the writing industry. After he attends training through the Dow Jones New Fund, he will be working in a full-time internship for the summer. As a business reporting intern for TheStreet, Mohan will be taking all that he is learned so far and applying to his new position in the Big Apple. 

From Idaho to Japan and New York City, this busy journalist has figured out the secret to writing. It is simply to write.