Nate Doughty

by Kennedy Rose

Nate Doughty is a natural leader.

The 23-year-old Pittsburgh native loved being editor-in-chief of The New Political — Ohio University’s non-partisan, student-run political publication. There, he led a staff of about 25. Last year, as news editor, he and a team of reporters went to Buenos Aires to do award-winning reporting on activism in the city.

Doughty recently graduated from Ohio University with a degree in news and information and a minor in political science. He will be a business reporting intern at the Pittsburgh Business Times this summer.

He laughed as he remembered that he once wrote he wanted to lead a media empire, but that goal hasn’t changed. Doughty wants to pilot the plane, to captain the ship, and decide the direction.

“There’s a lot of room in the digital space for there to be more compelling media companies telling stories that perhaps aren’t being told, or are being told but not in the best way,” Doughty said.

It sounds better in words than in reality, and having a media empire — or at least a media company — is a goal for down the road, he said. Doughty doesn’t see himself as a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates starting-in-the-garage-genius type. Being his own boss in something he’ll pursue down the road in his career, with the help of others, he said.

Doughty is taking a different angle with the Dow Jones News Fund/American City Business Journals internship. His passion lies in photo and video production. He said he loves that photo and video depict things words cannot say.

He tries to carry his DSLR camera, a Canon EOS D5i, everywhere he goes. He takes photos for many of the stories he writes, and even has a drone for more experimental photography and video.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, whereas a video, one second is 30 pictures,” Doughty said.

Doughty does not define his journalism by what he covers, but instead how he covers it. He calls himself a multimedia journalist, his projects spanning profiles and protests to drone footage and breaking news coverage. He has even ventured into making graphics, former The New Political Editor Kat Tenbarge said.

Though he has never covered business before, Doughty said he is excited to pursue both reporting and multimedia for the Pittsburgh Business Times.

He applied to the Dow Jones News Fund/American City Business Journals program because he knew how prestigious it was, and he figured he should because he was a senior and never applied to the program before. Doughty said about 30 students from OU applied to the program annually, and he wanted to take a shot at it.

He was thrilled to receive a call from Garry Howard, director of corporate initiatives at American City Business Journals, offering him a spot in the 2019 internship class.

Doughty also interned at the Observer Reporter, a local daily paper in Washington, Pennsylvania, and a video intern at In Community Magazines, which is based in Pittsburgh.

He was born in Pittsburgh, and lives in a Pittsburgh suburb, McMurray, with his family. He is the oldest of four siblings, with two younger brothers and a younger sister. He also lives with his mother, father and two golden retrievers. In his free time, Doughty said he enjoys swimming and cooking, and he makes a “pretty good” buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese dish.  

Doughty constantly pushed the boundaries of what was possible for The New Political, Tenbarge said. He always brought enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to new projects, she said.

He will never back down from a challenge, which can be both a strength and a weakness, Tenbarge said. Doughty has very lofty ideas, but he had the drive to pursue and follow through on most of them throughout his time at The New Political, she said.

“He is absolutely willing to do whatever it takes to get the best story, the best media, “ Tenbarge said.