Harrison Miller

 by Anna Ayers

Harrison Miller understands what it takes to face adversity and work to overcome it. In December 2017, during his final year at the University of North Carolina, Miller underwent surgery to reshape his hip after being diagnosed with what is commonly called a hip impingement syndrome.

This surgery requires doctors to physically reshape the hip socket by shaving the bone into a more ideal shape, a painful process followed by a long and arduous recovery period.

However, Miller took on this challenge and even maintains a sense of humor about it. “I was destined to be the next American Lionel Messi, but then I went and got my dad’s bad hips,” says Miller, a self-proclaimed soccer fanatic.

After graduating from a high school in his hometown of Raleigh, N.C., Miller began his college career at UNC as an undecided student. With each class, discovered an affinity for advertising and public relations.

In his third year, Miller discovered a business and media course that ultimately reshaped his career aspirations. “While I was in this class, I was like ‘wow’,” he says. “This field is so important and it’s something that I really want to be involved in. And then I got really passionate about doing it.”

In June 2016, Miller began working as a public relations intern and an assistant in the press box for North Carolina Football Club, the local United Soccer League team. After working with a team of sports publicist, Miller sought to branch out and explore business journalism. Beginning in January 2017, he worked as a reporter at the North Carolina Business Newswire, where he managed the organization’s web content.

Miller’s internships taught him to translate the often-confusing world of finance. It did not take Miller long to spot what he sees as one of the most important financial issues in the country going under covered in the media.

“I see some red flags and it seems like we could be heading toward another recession,” says Miller. “But the general public isn’t very informed about it, and so much attention is given to stock performance that other things are covered well or often enough.”

“He has a shocking breadth of knowledge for someone his age,” says Carol Wolf, a visiting lecturer in business journalism at UNC who taught the business and media course that inspired Miller’s interest in business reporting. “The more he explored the issues different groups of people face financially, he clearly started to realize that, as a business journalist, he has the ability to change the world.”

Miller will continue to hone his skills as a business journalist at his internship in June with the Triangle Business Journal in Raleigh. He would like to cover topics such as personal finance, mortgages, refinancing, and loans, all topics that Miller believes need more attention. Through accurate, unbiased, and thorough reporting, Miller aspires to provide attention to the finance and business issues that impact society.