Brianne Ledda

by Evan Sully

For as long as Brianne Ledda can remember, she wanted to be a writer. 

Ledda’s father taught her how to read at a young age. From that point on, it was only a matter of time before she turned her love for reading and writing into something special.

The 20-year-old rising junior at Stony Brook University in New York is taking her journalistic talents to the Big Apple where she’ll be interning at Royal Media, a leading information company that provides market knowledge through a variety of converged newsroom platforms such as news websites, digital magazines and e-newsletters. 

Ledda was informed by her editor that she might be reporting for at least two of the following publications-, and 

She was born and raised in Miller Place, New York on the north shore of Long Island, which is roughly a two-hour train ride from Manhattan. Stony Brook University made Ledda’s decision on where to pursue college to earn a journalism degree much easier than anticipated, as she received the Presidential Scholarship and is a student in the honors college.

“When you break down the cost, you just can’t compare,” Ledda said. 

Ledda had the opportunity to attend the institution’s admitted student day as a senior in high school and immediately felt right at home when Howard Schneider, the Founding Dean of the School of Journalism, greeted her and shook her hand. 

Journalism, though, wasn’t a career path that Ledda always had in mind. She didn’t start thinking about the field until after she took a career aptitude test in the eighth grade, when “journalist” came up in her results.

Afterwards, Ledda joined her high school newspaper freshman year and worked her way up to eventually being named the Editor-in-Chief as a sophomore. Ledda took on leadership roles in other extracurriculars in high school as well, such as being the President of both the Book Club and the National Honor Society.

Once Ledda got to college, her role as a leader continued to grow. Ledda currently serves as the News Editor at The Statesman, Stony Brook’s student-run newspaper. She credits her former Senior Editor at The Statesman, Rebecca Liebson, for teaching her a lot about reporting. 

“As a journalist, Brianne is definitely one of the most thorough reporters that I know,” Liebson said. “When I first met her, she was definitely on the more timid side, but now that she’s become more comfortable in her role at The Statesman she has taken the lead. She has learned to stand up for herself when she is challenged and defend the excellent work she has done.”

Ledda spent last summer honing her journalism skills as a reporting interning at the Fire Island Chronicle on Long Island where she covered Ocean Beach. Perhaps the most intriguing thing about Ledda’s drive toward reporting comes from her commitment of talking to people about what they’re passionate about.

“I’ve enjoyed community journalism in the past,” she said. “I love telling other people’s stories.”

Now that Ledda has completed the Dow Jones News Fund’s Business Reporting residency at NYU, she’s excited to dive into the ins and outs of business journalism since she doesn’t have a ton of experience covering business.

“I’m just trying to learn new things,” Ledda said. “I don’t want to stop learning things once I leave school.”