Caroline Hroncich

by Chental-Song Bembry

Born in Bergen County, N.J., Hroncich was always interested in communications. During her undergraduate studies at Villanova University, she was torn between pursuing journalism and attending law school. Her decision became clear during her junior year, when she traveled to Rome to work for Catholic News Service: an online news platform that covers stories about Catholicism, Pope Francis and Vatican City.

“I ended up loving [Catholic News Service], and I immediately knew that I wanted to be a reporter,” Hroncich said. “That was the first time I discovered that journalism was the career path I wanted to take.”

Upon returning from Rome with a strong collection of news clips, Hroncich’s path took off. She landed a year-long position at WTXF-TV FOX 29 in Philadelphia, P.A., where she realized that she preferred writing instead of broadcasting. During her senior year in college, she co-founded a food blog entitled Forked Up Jersey.

“Food has been a big part of my life since I was little,” Hroncich said. “My dad has always been an amazing cook, and cooking is something that’s been consistent throughout my life.”

After co-founding the food blog, Hroncich graduated from Villanova University with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies, which helped her to secure a full-time position as an associate editor at three pharmaceutical business magazines: Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology Europe and BioPharm International.

“Caroline was an integral part of the team,” said Randi Hernandez, former Science Editor at BioPharm International and Pharmaceutical Technology. “She was able to juggle multiple ongoing assignments and never missed any deadlines. Her work ethic shows that she will be able to communicate with editors well in the future.”

Hroncich wrote for the three pharmaceutical publications from November 2015 to June 2017, and worked diligently to become an expert on covering the business side of the pharmaceutical industry.

“Working for each of the magazines was an interesting and challenging experience,” Hroncich said. “If I hadn’t taken that opportunity, I don’t think I’d be doing what I’m doing now.”

Now, Hroncich is celebrating her Master of Science degree, which she recently earned from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism on May 16, 2018. Next week, she will go to New York University, where she will attend a week-long business journalism training session sponsored by the Dow Jones News Fund.

“Through the training session, I’m excited to learn about all of the different ways I can cultivate sources as a business journalist,” Hroncich said. “I’m also thrilled to meet all of the professional business reporters from The Wall Street Journal, ProPublica, and the other major business publications.”

Immediately following her training session at New York University, Hroncich will begin a summer internship at the global news publication Reuters, where she will report breaking news on the business and financial industries.

“I’m really looking forward to working in such an amazing newsroom with so many well-known and accomplished journalists,” Hroncich said.

With her Master’s degree under her belt and a summer internship with a top business publication approaching, Hroncich aspires to one day work as an editor for a well-known publication. Along with her journalistic goals, she aims to become certified to teach yoga: a hobby she’s pursued for the past four years.

“Yoga has definitely taught me to be more mindful about my life and the decisions I make,” Hroncich said. “By becoming a certified yoga instructor, I want to help spread my message of inspiration to others.”

In the midst of working to achieve her own personal goals, Hroncich took the time to provide words of wisdom to other young journalists who are searching for their paths in the media industry.

“Take advantage of whatever opportunities you’re given and be open-minded when you’re looking for jobs,” Hroncich said. “Do as much as you can to be an efficient journalist.”

As a current native of  River Edge, N.J., Hroncich enjoys reading, baking, photography, and taking annual family vacations to Cape Cod.