Andrea Cwieka

By Kyle Swenson

Andrea “Andi” Cwieka is a 20-year-old senior born in Baltimore Maryland, majoring in journalism at the University of Maryland College Park. During her time at UMCP, Cwieka has gotten involved in her sorority Gamma Phi Beta as the recruitment chair, her campuses independent newspaper and has had many internships. This summer, Cwieka will be interning at the Washington Business Journal funded by the Dow Jones News Fund.

Prior to being selected for this prestigious internship, Cwieka interned at McClatchy in DC, The Daily Record in Baltimore, and at SB Nation. During these internship experiences, Cwieka honed her skills and became the journalist she is today. 

“Andi is willing to go the extra mile where others are not,” Cwieka’s internship supervisor Pete Volk of SB Nation said. “There were multiple occasions where she was assigned, or came up with a simple story about a viral event that probably would have been fine without an interview, but Andi secured an interview anyway and made a good story great.”

Along with her many internships, Cwieka has also been involved with her schools’ independent newspaper, the Diamondback. Currently, Cwieka is the director of digital strategy. In this role, Cwieka is responsible for compiling data from the Diamondback’s social media sites, and tracking what stories and strategies are preforming well and which ones need improvement. 

Cwieka has worked hard to get to where she is today. During her first semester at UMCP, Cwieka tried to be a part of the Diamondback news team but was rejected. This kind of rejection would shake most student’s confidence, but not Cwieka. Instead of getting discouraged, she doubled down on her goal and grew as a journalist.

“I was disappointed of course, but I wasn't that surprised just because I didn't have any good clips or newspaper experience,” Cwieka said

After that initial setback, Cwieka joined a different student publication to gain the experience necessary to be a part of the Diamondback. After a semester of learning and growing, Cwieka reapplied and this time got a position!

This dedication to journalism is not new. Cwieka, she has always had a passion for writing and editing others work.

“I always loved writing and magazines, and I used to edit my friends’ papers in middle school and high school, so journalism always kind of made sense for me,” Cwieka said.

This summer through the Dow Jones News Fund, Cwieka hopes to learn as much as she can about business and business reporting. Along with expanding her knowledge, Cwieka is also excited to network with many interesting journalists.  

When Cwieka is not writing for the Diamondback, interning, or participating in her sorority, Cwieka can be found either watching television (she loves New Girl lately) or heading down to D.C. to go try new and unique foods.