Amrith Ramkumar

By Brookie Madison

With a background in Sports writing, Amrith Ramkumar plans to enter the journalism field despite not actually majoring in journalism at Duke University. The university does not offer journalism as a major for students.

As a political science major with a minor in statistics and a certificate for policy journalism and media studies, Ramkumar gave up his original dream of law school. Starting his freshman year at Duke University, he immediately pursued to write for the school newspaper, The Chronicle.

“I think I’m just 100% focused on journalism at the moment and I definitely want to try to make a career work as long as I can in journalism,” Ramkumar said. 

Over the course of four years, Ramkumar has had positions as sports writer, sports editor and editor-in-chief of the paper.

Chrissy Beck, general manager of The Chronicle, describes Ramkumar as being fully committed to helping their news organization with his story development and taking on big stories with persistence. 

“His commitment to moving our organization toward digital-first has been instrumental in our success. I feel like we're in a much better place financially and editorially than we could hope to be considering the pressures and challenges since 2008 - in large part to his commitment to finding a new path that works for the whole organization,” Beck said. 

Originally from Norman, Oklahoma, Ramkumar has always been a fan of Duke University. He avidly followed and was a fan of the Duke basketball team as a child. His favorite sports teams include the Oklahoma City Thunder and Duke Blue Devils.

“It’s funny because from a young age, I really liked Duke and no one in my family did. Then my brother went there and it became a family thing,” Ramkumar said. He also said that he will forever be a sports fan even when he is not doing sports reporting.

While attending Duke, Ramkumar was able to balance his studies and getting experience in journalism. He has interned for the Raleigh News and Observer, Bloomberg News and looks forward to interning Summer 2017 at the Wall Street Journal. 

Ramkumar believes his biggest struggle will be finding what field of journalism to break into, since sports journalism is very competitive.

“I’m looking forward to learning about a new form of journalism in business journalism and becoming an even more versatile reporter,” Ramkumar said. He hopes to be a multimedia journalist with more focus on social media involvement and video.